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yamapi_luver4's Journal

8 September 1993
hello! im am now 20 years old, and... i dont really have much to say here

im not a very social person, but for some reason i am on the internet. its the only place i really let myself be me. only right now im kinda laptopless so.... yeah not active orz

well, i have a post dedicated to introducing me (though i did a horrible job with it) so you can just look at that for more info about me (but if theres anything else you want to know, PLEASE leave a comment and ill be happy to answer ^^) http://yamapi-luver4.livejournal.com/33151.html

i think im pretty easy to get along with, just be warned that i like to comment and receive comments. talking to people online makes me so happy (i must look like an idiot cause i literally get all excited and wiggly when i have messages lol. i know, so random~)

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